Specmar Inc

Specmar Inc


This company is based in Scappoose, Oregon, USA, and specialises in the design and computer lofting of welded aluminium boats. Clients are both boatbuilding firms and individuals.

Supply is generally of the CAD data and drawings, with the option of supply of pre-cut plate parts. These are from stock designs or from client designs. Hull internals are built up using “egg crate” construction, notch to notch.

All Specmar hulls have been specifically designed by Stephen F. Pollard. His particulars are on the website. Also, particulars of his book Boatbuilding with Aluminium  are on the website – see following.

This website offers more boats in each range than are on the Australian site Specmar Australia.



Each boat has one  pdf drawing sheet, brief description,  length, beam,  aluminium weight, and price for drawings abd cutting files

  • Drift – 5 boats, 14′ – 17′-4″, with high and low side variants
  • Sport – 51 boats, 16′-2″ – 36′
  • Sitka –  8 boats 21′ – 28′
  • Special Purpose – 12 boats, 19′ – 36′


Landing Craft

Each landing craft has LOA, beam, door width, aluminium weight, maximum cargo weight, photo, 1 sheet pdf general arrangement/construction drawing, and price for drawings abd cutting files

  • Landing Craft – 19 boats, 5.7 m – 17.1 m. Some are variants



Designed for segmented tapered flotation collar. Two IO power, others outboard(s).

Each RIB has PDF arrangemnt drawing. LOA, beam, approx alum. weight, deadrise, and price for drawings abd cutting files.

  •  RIBs – 10 boats, 4.5 m – 10.5 m
Also Available
  •  International List of Builders of Specialty Marine Hulls
  •  Active Cutters of Specialty Marine Hulls – USA + 1 Netherlands
  •  Suppliers of  Marine Aluminium  – USA + 1 Netherlands
  • International Representatives
  • Book Boatbuilding with Aluminium – Stephen F. Pollard, with particulars and contents; available through Amazon


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