Hartley Boat Plans

This is the oldest business of its kind. It (Hartley and Brookes Associates)  is based in Takapuna (Auckland) New Zealand, with support  in UK and USA.  Since the first plans were sold for home boat construction in 1938, more that 95 000 Hartley boats have been built world-wide.


Designs are provided for Canoes to Ocean Cruisers, and Fishing and Work Boats, with construction in plywood, wood, grp/frp, steel, aluminium and ferrocement. The designs are in the ranges of Hartley Boats and Samson Boats. They are available only through the Hartley Boat Plans website.

It is believed that there have been more Hartley ferrocement boats built than those of all other designers added together.

There is a web page for each design, with outline particulars, options, illustrations/photos.  Study plans are available for all boats except dinghies and canoes.

Sail Boats – 36 designs, 2.7 m – 19.7 m; many with rig and keel options. These designs include the well-known Fijian and Tahitian cruisers, and the Trailer-Sailer range 12 ft – 21 ft, including the well-known TS 16; more than 12 000 built.

Power Boats – 38 designs, 3.9 m – 16.4 m. Most of the trailable boats are ply, or for GRP moulds,  offered with inboard and outboard power; some sterndrive/jet.

Catamarans – 4 beach/day sailers, 3.7 m – 5.5 m.

Trimarans – cruising – 8.7 m and 10.4 m.

Dinghys and Small Craft – 5 designs with length variants, 2 m – 3.7 m.

Canoes and Kayaks – 4 designs 3.7 m – 4.9 m.

Surf Boards and Surf Skis – 7 designs 2.7 m – 4.3 m, ply construction


Books offered include Hartley’s Guide to Boat-Building and Ferro-Cement Boats, both by Colin Brookes.




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