This California-based firm was started in 1953  by naval architect Glen L Witt, and has produced designs for over 300 boats.  It has recently incorporated designs from long time associate Ken Hankinson. The family business is run by G;en’s daughter Gayle Brantuk.  It is supported by an extensive and well-developed website.

Glen-L offers boat plans and patterns to support construction, study plans for some of the larger vessels, fastening kits (silicon  bronze screws and nails), fibreglass kits (resin and cloth) for covering of structures, stitch and glue kits, sailboat kits (hardware, rigging and sails), and extensive supporting material (publications and videos).  There is also a wide-ranging boatbuilders forum.

Website information pages on individual designs show the support kits, documents etc that support the particular design.

A number of individual designs appear in multiple categories.

  • Human Power   30 designs with some length variations,  6 ft – 20 ft   Kayaks, canoes, sailing/rowing, pedal
  • Outboards      109 designs  8 ft – 28 ft Hydroplanes, skffs, dorys, runabouts, cruisers, motor yachts etc. Cabin plans offered to support some designs
  • Inboards     117 designs  11 ft – 49 ft  Ski boats, runabouts, fishing boats, cruisers, sportfishers, workboats, classics
  • Power Cruisers     54 designs  14 ft – 49 ft Trailable cruisers, trawlers, yachts
  • Special Purpose Designs    28 designs plus items  6 ft – 23 ft  Paddlewheel, pedal, electric and others
  • Sailboats       50 designs  7 ft – 55 ft  Dinghies, dayboats, cruisers
  • Workboats         21 designs, with cabins for some 18 ft – 42 ft  Open, dorys, sportsfishing
  • Houseboats         11 designs, with length variation 12 ft – 48 ft  Pontoon and monohull
  • Fibreglass        38 designs   9 ft – 49 ft   Dinghies to workboats and world cruisers
  • Aluninium         35 designs    14 ft – 29 ft   Many types
  • Steel         14 designs 16 ft – 55 ft    Power and sail cruisers
  • Stitch and Glue      36 designs  6 ft – 22 ft    Paddle wheel, dinghies, canoes, kayaks, cruisers

Boats are ply on frame, stitch and glue, strip plank, cold moulded, aluminium and steel

  • Trailers     11 ranges for boats 11 ft – 30 ft, including canoes/kayaks and twin hull/pontoon boats


Boatbuilding Methods supported on the site are

  • Plywood (on frame)
  • Stitch and Glue Plywood
  • Cold-Moulded (Multi-diagonal ply)
  • One-off Fibreglass (Sandwich core and C-Flex fibreglass planking)
  • Steel and Aluminium
  • Steel Shrink Wrap (Features low-distortion hull surfaces)
  • Strip Planking (Carvel edge glued)


Ancillary Items also supported

  • Boatbuilding Mahogany Runabouts
  • Planking Classic Mahogany Runabouts (including cold moulded plywood)
  • Changing Plans
  • How to Fibrerglass a Plywood Boat
  • How to Use Full Size Patterns


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