Designer Boats Australia

Designer Boats Australia

This firm, based in Sanctuary Point, on the south coast of NSW Australia was founded in 1999 and is operated by Peter Booth. It offers designs and flat pack aluminium kits and other related services, for both amateur and professional builders.

Pdf arrangement/construction drawings are available on the website, as well as vessel descriptions, photos and illustrations.  Welding schedules and Australian Builders Plate particulars are provided for some designs. A kit price list is provided for all designs.

Designs are for outboard powered trailable boats.

Current aluminium designs are

  • 5.7 m Sabre-Gill – 3 versions
  • 6.5 m Baillons Dart – 2 versions
  • 6.5 m Harlequin Sweet Lips (different hull shape)
  • 5.46 m Crescent Bass V nose punt
  • 4.63 m Helmeted Blenny V nose punt
  • 6.1 m Rainbow Runner
  • 8.5 m Skip-Jack
  • 7.0 m Work Punt
  • 7.6 m Mahi-Mahi Hard Top Runabout –¬†single and twin engine versions

Fibreglass Design

  • 5.7 m Runabout – limited particulars available
  • Go to Designer Boats Australia website – click here



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