Two Bulk Designs Packages

These are two suppliers of design packages that include many (mainly small) boat designs, distributed to purchasers, as a single package. I have not obtained either package, so I cannot comment directly on what is actually supplied, or on the level and quality of the information supplied. We will very much welcome readers comments on the Two Bulk Designs Blog page.

Two sites are listed, with considerable similarity Go to their respective websites to get their full details. Both sites offer resembling bonus packages, in addition to access to all their designs.

Both packages offer an array of 25 “folders” of boat types. However, I have been unable to open any of these “folders”. It is reported that these sites are seeking to make their money by the selling of these “folders”, rather than selling plans for boat construction. It is also reported that many of the design listed come from magazines, or third parties.

Also both packages show what appear to be the same inventory of roll-through screen images.

MyBoatPlans, sponsored by boatbuilder Martin Reid, offers  over 518 boat plans, and lists many design names by category.

Plans4Boats, sponsored by boatbuilder Daniel Holden offers 254 boat plans.





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