Bowdidge Marine Designs

This supplier, based near Bundaberg, Queensland Aust is a relatively new starter in the boat plans market. Mark Bowdidge offers 26 designs,  3.6 m – 26 m; some still under development. 6 of these designs are strip planked; others ply epoxy stitch and glue. The majority are open/cuddy otuboard powered trailable boats.

The site has a news blog and a forum.


  • Go to Bowdidge Marine Designs website – click here


 Denman Marine, of Kettering, Tasmania Aust is a team of specialist wooden boatbuilders. They offer Bowdidge’s Mushulu 14 as a kit of CNC ply panels for both the boat and moulds to facilitate the construction. The boatbuilding is both described and illustrated on Denman’s site.

There is a lot of other interesting material on the Denman site.


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