Boden Boat Plans

Cecil E Boden and Associates was established in Sydney around 1954. From then Cecil Boden specialised in steel and timber pleasure craft and small commercial tugs, work boats and fishing trawlers. He published 10 editions of his well known Bodens Boat Design Book selling in all 100 000 copies.

The organisation continued after his death in 1954, with the continuing addition of new designs, including those of Bill Bollard. Recent plansets include 3D models as well as traditional engineering drawings. Designs are supported by technical backup service.

Many of the larger designs offer considerable scope for variations in configuration. Also, many designs offer a choice of materials. A number of designs are offered for commercial operation.

Each design has a page of specifications, notes and illustrations, with plan package prices. Study plans are available.


On the website:

Power Boats     60 designs, 4.3 m – 17 m. Smaller boats aluminium; some with CNC kits available. Steel hulls offered extensively for larger boats; some ply,  planked timber or plank/ply options. Some small catamarans and houseboats are included. Several designs offer length variants, achieved  by adding one or more frames.

Sail Boats   19 designs, mainly steel, with keel, rig and multi-chine/round bilge variants to a number of designs – 9.5 m – 17 m. One design offers composite construction (planks on steel frames), another aluminium plate; another timber strip plank on laminated frames, and another a steel cruising catamaran.

PDF Study Plans are available for

  • Trailerable Aluminium Boat Series – 37 pages, 10 designs
  • Smaller Trailable Craft – 45 pages, 5 designs
  • Trailerable Power Catamaran Series – 28 pages, 2 designs
  • Dajarra 34 ft Series – 19 pages, one design
  • Express Delivery – 16 pages, one design



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