This Florida-based firm (E-Boat Inc) has been supplying boat plans and services since 1976; online since 1991. It offers support materials and kits as well as the boat design packages. Go to the Bateau website to see what is on offer.

Smaller boats are built from ply stitch and glue; larger boats make use of light ply stitch and glue with GRP skins, and GRP foam sandwich in some instances. The designs feature relatively low call on woodworking skills, and ease of cosntruction. The designs are grouped, with study plans and documents available for each design on the website. These study plans contain the bill of materials and drawing lists, costs and labour times. They are generously illustrated.

Some designs are duplicated under different groupings.

Many designs are offered with both inch and metric unit building packs.


Small Boat Plans

  • Dinghies up to 12 ft    14 designs, general purpose dinghies –  rowing, sailing and outboard, including the Optimist Club Racer kit – simple constructions.
  • Skiffs up to 16 ft   9 designs, 12 ft – 16 ft outboad, rowing/sailing.
  • Row boats   10 designs, 7 ft – 16 ft, primarily for rowing.
  • Small Sailboats   15 designs 7 ft – 16 ft.
  • Canoes and Kayaks   6 designs, with length variants 12 ft – 21 ft.  open canoes and sea kayaks.


Sail Boat Plans

  • Day Sailers   4 designs 14 ft – 17 ft – for cruising or performance sailing
  • Sailboas less than 25 ft   6 designs 14 ft – 23 ft – for coastal or offshore cruising
  • Sailboats 25 ft +    One design 26 ft – offshore capable


Power Boat Plans

  • Power Boats 16 ft or less    13 designs 10 ft – 16 ft
  • Power Boats 17 ft – 20 ft   22 designs – outboard powered; some with cabins
  • Power Boats 21 ft – 25 ft      21 designs/variants; mixed types and purposes; some with cabin; outboard and inboard
  • Power Boats 26 ft – 35 ft      6 designs; mixed types and purposes; some with cabin; outboard and inboard


Speciality Boat Plans

  • Hunting/Duck Boats      2 designs both 15 ft
  • Houseboats       5 designs 16 ft – 27 ft river cruisers


 Free Plans

14 ft canoe, 7ft 10 in dinghy, oars, folding “kayak”



This site holds a number of well-illustrated tutorials, including stitch and glue and foam sandwich. These appear under “Tech Support” on the Bateau website.






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