Steel Kit Boats

This is a relatively recent development in the home boat building environment. It offers many benefits to both the amateur and the professional builder.

A number of suppliers are offering designs as pre-cut kits of parts. Essentially all the parts are cut from individual plates, with bridges left to hold the plate together for handling and delivery. The builder cuts these bridges after receipt of the plates.  A major cost of this option is the designer’s intellectual property for the preparation of the cutting templates.

A great attraction of this option is the good fit-up that will be achieved. Also it will free many home builders from an area in which they lack fluency of skill. Good material use through nesting may well apply. My personal judgement is that this is an option well worth exploring, and could be both cost and time effective.

In this world-wide area of home boat building, freight of the pre-cut plates may be an issue. If you are considering building a boat in a country remote from the supplier it is well worth having the cutting information supplied electronically for plate cutting by an established supplier in your own area. Discuss this with your intended design supplier and plate cutter. Typically the plate cutting information is supplied as dxf outlines, at full vessel size.


Fine Line Boat Designs and Plans have the steel kit boat option offered for many of their designs.

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