Framed Ply

Framed Ply

This is normally restricted to cartop and trailable boats, and low end moored boats. The hull framing is built, and ply is fastened around it. External GRP or similar sheathing can be very effective in building up weather resistance and endurance, both for hulls, and decks and superstructures.

This procedure is commonly used, and represented much of the early construction of home built boats. It is normally applied to boats with ply thicknesses around 5 to around 12 – 15 mm. The material is readily worked, and good results can be obtained with reas0nable home handyman skills and common home workshop tools. There is ample scope for generating attractive boats, for those with the skill, patience and inclination.

Materials are quite reasonably priced, and stiff and strong structures, of light to moderate weight can be built quite readily.

It is common for the flared bow area in a modern motorboat hull to be built by laminating the area with multiple layers of narrow strips of ply, built up over longitudinal battens in the hull framing, with the rest of the boat hull built out of conventional single skin ply.


A Framed Plywood Dinghy


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