Glued Clinker Ply Planked

Glued Clinker Ply Planked

This form of construction is a craftsman’s delight.  It follows timber planked construction in that the boat is built around a series of expendable transverse frame moulds with permanent keel, stem and sternpost/transom. Planking is from keel out to sheer. Planks are cut to templates, normally lifted from the vessel, from ply. It is normally applied to boats with ply thicknesses around 5 to around 12 – 15 mm.

Each plank has the outer edge of its outer face bevelled to the line of the next plank. Each plank added is glued onto its predecessor, clamped to the predecessor and the framing as required. Normally there are no fastenings along the planking lands, nor regular close spaced transverse  timbers (ribs), giving a very clean interior.


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