Grand Banks Dory


16 ft Length Overall Dory

Boat Particulars

16 ft from stem to stern, 12 ft bottom

3 ft bottom width, 5 ft beam

Approx 24″ side height (depth), 2 inch keel rocker

Approx 300 lb bare vessel, approx 1200 lb carrying capacity

Suits one or two rowers, and modest outboard motor

Flat bottom, single chine

Available with narrow transom (14″ top) or wide transom to suit outboard motor (21″ top)

Bottom is flat timber planks with edges splined and glued. Topsides are clinker planked on straight side frames.

What You Get 

Full building instructions (40 pages), with description of all the operations, material and tool listings, photos and sketches. The instructions you receive are probably the best you will ever find on a website.

Construction is simple, with frames set up on the bottom, and topsides built up around the frames. Gunwale structure and internals are then added.

Go to the site to see full particulars of the boat, including photos, and particulars of the support material supplied. I can’t do it justice on this page. Click Here!

Why the Grand Banks Dory?

This boat evolved for simple construction from the wide timber planks available (at the time) in east coast North America. The dory offers easy rowing and good load capacity, worked by a single fisherman in the open ocean off a mother ship.

Construction Alternative – Wide Transom

The basic design is for the narrow transom (14″ top), which will accommodate a small outboard motor. The alternative wider transom (21″ top) accommodates larger outboard motors. It retains the same bottom with as the basic design. Both options are covered fully in the instructions supplied.


The Standard Stern Dory


The Wide Stern Dory

Construction Alternative – Plywood

The design evolved when wide planks were readily available. The bottom is flat timber planks with edges splined and glued. Topsides are clinker planked on straight side frames.

Wide timber planks are relatively hard to find nowadays. However, plywood is now on the market. It is relatively simple to build the bottom and the topsides from ply, retaining the rest of the construction. There will be minor redesign required at the chine joint between bottom and topside panels. At this stage the ply option is not supported by the building instructions.

For full Dory particulars Click Here!

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