Clinker Planked

Clinker (Lapstrake) Planked Timber

Small Clinker Boat

Large Clinker Boat

This construction is justly popular for the smaller boats built in traditional styles.  It suits relatively light construction  (planking normally 9 – 20 mm), as seam joints are face lapped, and do not require edge to edge caulking.

Construction is normally around a series of expendable transverse frame moulds with permanent keel, stem and sternpost/transom. Planking is from keel out to sheer.

The flat plank outlines for each strake are lifted progressively from the vessel and moulds, and then cut/edge bent from the source plank material. Each plank is permanently fastened to its predecessor, up to the sheer line.

The hull is removed from the moulds, and transverse steamed timbers (ribs) are fastened into place, then gunwale structure, internal stringers, and other structural items.

Clinker boats can be built without transverse frame moulds, cutting each pair of planks from its template. This is normally worthwhile only for series production, and is unlikely to be of use to the home builder.


ORIEL Old Gaffers Association


Clinker Planked Designs

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Build a Grand Banks (Banker) Dory

16 fl Length Overall Dory

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