Carvel Planked

Carvel  Planked Timber

The hull is built around a series of permanent transverse frames, centre structure of stem, keel and sternpost/transom, and possibly other framing, bulkheads and decks etc.

Individual planks are template and shaped, and fastened to the transverse frames, working substantially from the keel outwards. Plank edges are bevelled as required to generate the V between adjacent planks for later caulking. Inner faces of planking are shaped to fit the frame curvature, and the outer faces are faired as required.

After planking, other longitudinal members, internal framing etc are added.

This construction is suited to the larger vessels, with planking from around 12 – 16 mm, up to ship size. The minimum thickness is driven by the requirement to caulk the seams between the planks.




THERA Interior

THERA, built in 1911,was an innovative and successful Charlie Peel design. She is a lightweight boat, using crew for ballast. She was extensively rebuilt recently by John Fitzhardinge for his now deceased father, making extensive use of new timber and epoxy.

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