Composite Timber on Steel Frames

This is a relatively unusual application of a technique – only this design example found. The web page quotes about 10 built, and 25 years successful operation of the first boat built to this design.

Construction is with 30 mm thick finished strip planking epoxy bonded and edge fastened with galvanised nails on fabricated flat bar frames 50 x 10 mm at 835 mm centres.

This technique seems to have worked, and could well appeal to some individuals.

Composite construction with timber planks on iron frames was used in the clipper ship era (largely in advance of iron then steel shell plating).

Timber planking on aluminium frames was used for the 119 Royal Navy Coastal Minesweepers (“Ton” class) built in the 1950s.


  • Go to Boden Boat Plans website North Wind 32 page  – click here


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