Planked Timber

Clinker (lapstrake) and carvel are traditional techniques, where the components are secured to each other by mechanical fastenings (nails or similar). For carvel construction watertightness is achieved by caulking driven between the planks. For clinker construction the watertightness is achieved by each plank being pulled against its neighbour by the fastenings.

Modern techniques make use of glues for the attachment of components to each other and also for watertightness. In glued clinker construction each strake is glued to its neighbour. (Glue is, of course, an essential component of the ply.) Strip planked construction has each plank secured to its neighbour by a glued joint.

New construction in carvel and clinker are almost entirely restricted to traditional construction enthusiasts. It is hard to imagine circumstances where modern glues would be excluded from construction procedures on a free choice of techniques.


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