GRP C-Flex

GRP C-Flex Planking

This allows GRP boat to be built without a traditional mould. C-Flex planks are built around light framing, which can include permanent bulkheads.

C-Flex is dry fibreglass fabric material, formed of semi-rigid rigid rods with pliable areas in between. It bends sideways, and allows the hull surface to be built up out of a series of “planks”. Its unidirectional strength facilitates the building of light structures, by running the “planks” aling lines of anticipated high stress.

The material was developed for boatbuilding, and is manufactured by Seamann Composites Inc, of Gulfport MS (USA). It is supplied in 2 grades, in “planks” 12″ wide.

Once the C-Flex is in place, the resin, with other reinforcement as required, is built up outside and inside the hull, as for foam sandwich construction. See the GRP Foam Sandwich page for more information.

C-Flex can also be used for sheathing existing wooden hulls, as a basis for building up an exterior sheathing laminate.


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