Cold Moulded Ply

Cold Mounded Ply

Strips of plywood are progressively built up onto the batten mould  jig, glued to their preceding items, with temporary fastening. For light construction individual veneers are used. Exterior finishing can be as any other timber options. A resin and fabric finishing  is often attractive to add durability and weather resistance.

This form of construction can be considered for round bilge boats where light weight construction is sought, on a timber base material. It can also be used for larger vessels where a robust timber-based hull is sought.





This boat is of recent construction. She is of the Herreshoff H-28 design, with a slightly deeper hull. Her ballast keel came from the first H-28 SAGA to sail on the Swan River, Western Australia. H-28s race as a class in the South of Perth Yacht Club. This boat was professionally built by Brian Phillips.

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