Boat Design Software

Boat (and Ship) Hull Shape Design Software

This is a product offering commercial strength hull lines shaping capability at internet product pricing ($50 nom).




The product is called 3DBoatDesign.

I come from a background of having moved from the traditional battens and weights lines fairing into computer based systems, with the added benefit of having my hydrostatic and righting lever (KN) calculations done by a few keystrokes.

So far I haven’t had the opportunity to fire up this product and use it within my professional working environment. I believe it is capable of doing the things I need to do.

I believe this product will be attractive to those who are already designing hull shapes (or are just starting), and are looking for support tools. At this stage I am not prepared to comment on its suitability for beginners in hull lines shaping, or others who may wish to manipulate “ship/boat shapes” in their area on interest.

A big positive – it appears that this product will deal well with developable surfaces – important for those who are setting out to build their vessels out of plate, sheet, ply, or other “sheet” materials without stretching.



Go to the 3DBoatDesign site to see what is on offer, and how it can meet your hull shaping and associated needs. The site lists features of the software, and illustrates a number of representative hulls.

You can buy your a copy of the software from the site.

To go to the 3DBoatDesign site Click Here!

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