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This site is only partly built. If you are on the site, please come back in a week or so to see what has developed.



This site has developed into a wide coverage of materials and techniques available to the home boat builder, and a similarly wide listing (with limited particulars) of major boat plan and kit suppliers. This extensive coverage has come about because I am not a supplier of boat plans or kits, so I am prepared to list “everyone”. I believe this scope of listing is unique, and is offered as a service to the world of home boat builders.

Readers will need to go to individual supplier websites (links provided on this site’s pages) to see the extensive information available; far more than can be put on this site.

I have affilliate marketing links with some of the suppliers. You can only purchase items direct from their suppliers; not directly from this site.


Boat Building Techniques

This site gives particulars of 22 materials and techniques, as commonly used by home boat builders. Some less commonly used, but interesting techniques are included. The particulars are intended to guide potential boat builders or renovators into which techniques are suitable for the size and type of boat they want to build, and their skills and facilities.

There are some general pages, covering a material (or general technique), with specific techniques below the general page. Example – the general page for Aluminium has specific pages for techniques of Aluminium Plate and Aluminium Kit Boats.

Some techniques exist under duplicate areas – for example Glued Clinker Ply appears under both Ply and Planked Timber, as the “planks” are made from ply. This is implemented by the page content being duplicated, to accommodate the WordPress navigation menu structure.

Design and kit packages are listed by supplier under Major Boat Plan and Kit Suppliers following. Most suppliers offer a range of construction techniques, and offer alternative techniques for many of the individual designs.

Each technique has a blog page for readers to ask questions, comment, and share their experiences.


Alternative Techniques and Materials

Many of the designs can be built using alternative materials (eg cedar instead of pine) or techniques (eg ply instead of clinker).

Both these examples are from the 16 ft Banker dory.

Questions on alternative techniques and materials should be raised with the design supplier, as very likely the query has arisen before. Alternatively, post the question under one of the relevant construction techniques.

I intend to address obvious alternatives in techniques by listing the design under both alternatives.


Professional or Amateur (Home) Building

A number of the illustrations on this site are of boats known to be home built; others are known to have been professionally built. Many are unknown.

Some boats shown have been the subject of a major restoration; amateur and professional.

Illustrations of boats have been included to show examples of the techniques designated, on the basis that they are available to the home boat builder both for new construction and renovation/restoration.


Major Boat Plan and Kit Suppliers

This listing outlines what is offered by each of these sites, giving particulars of the numbers of designs offered, by group, with size ranges and construction materials. The main listing directs readers to individual pages for each of the suppliers, where their offerings are listed more fully.

Each supplier page has a link to that supplier’s website, which gives far more particulars than is practicable to describe on this site. Generally each design has its own page on it supplier’s site.

Most suppliers offer multiple construction materials and techniques; many as alternatives available for individual designs.

Some suppliers offer plans only; some offer plans, with kits for at least some or their designs; others offer kits only. Suppliers are listed alphabetically, regardless of scope of supply, boat types, and constructional materials/techniques.


Units of Measurement

Both metric and imperial are used on this website, generally following the source of the information. Is this a problem?


Ancillary Sites

As this site has been developed, a number of sites offering products, services and information of interest to home boat builders have appeared. These also have  a brief description of what the package offers, with a link to its own website. This is still to be implemented.



There are many books available, through major boat plan and kit suppliers, Amazon and elsewhere. Readers can study and choose books of interest and value to their own area of interest.

The listing of books has started with those available through individual major boat plan and kit suppliers.


Readers Favourites

Help build the value of this site by listing and describing your favourite boat building packages, ancillary packages, and books.This is still to be implemented.


Designs by Boat Type

These are not yet listed, but the listing is intended as a future development of this site.


Why “WA”?

I live and work in Perth, Western Australia, and felt the need of some identifier in the vast world of cyberspace.

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