Bruce Roberts Yacht Design

Bruce Roberts designs date from 1966, and offer 200 boat plans, with an increasing range. Some designs list over 200 boats built.

There are 2 Bruce Roberts Yacht Designs sites – the world site and the Australian site -essentially covering the same range of designs, under a variety of groupings. Each design has its page, with descriptions and photos. The world site has links to other Bruce Roberts sites. The Australian site offers support contact with Andy Slorach for Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and South Africa.

A number of the designs are flagged NEW.

Sail Boats are offered with plans and full size frame patterns, in fibreglass, wood, steel and aluminium.

  • Spray Sailboats – 22 ft – 55 ft ,  8 designs
  • C-Spray Range  – 30 ft – 50 ft, 7 designs
  • Power/Sailing Cats 35 ft – 65 ft, 6 designs offered as power or sailing versions
  • Cruising Sailboats  19 ft – 73 ft, 44 designs, many with variations in deckhouse, keel rig, accommodation.

Sail Boats with Cutting Files Plans and CNC – Steel and aluminium   24 ft – rt ft – 22 designs, from previous lists. Smaller boats trailable.

Power Boats  are offered with plans and full size frame patterns, in fibreglass, wood, steel and aluminium

  • Fibreglass Poser Cats  35 ft – 60 ft, 4 designs power/sail – these  designs are listed under Sail Boats
  • Fishing and Work Boats  22 ft – 55 ft, 15 designs
  • Motor Boats and Trawlers 24 ft -n 85 ft, 42 designs, offering a variety of configurations and accommodation layouts, with opportunities to customise.

Power Boats with Cutting Files Plans and CNC – Steel and aluminium, from previous lists.

  • Fisherman/Workboats 28 ft – 59 ft, 7 designs
  • Powerboats  28 ft – 85 ft, 11 designs
  • Trawler Yachts 40 ft – 65 ft, 12 designs

Designs are also listed by length, and by material, for both sailboats and powerboats. Many designs offer alternative construction materials.

Other listings are by type – fishing boats, motor sailers, trawlers, trailer boats and work boats.

24 designs/ranges are listed under What’s New, as new designs or updates.

Study Plans are available for all designs.

There are a number of Bruce Roberts and other authors  Boatbuilding Support Books described on the websites.


  • Go to Bruce Roberts Yacht Design world siteclick here
  • Go to Bruce Roberts Yacht Design Australian siteclick here
  • Go to Books page – click here



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